"Suryamitra" Skill Development Programme

Solar PV Installer is specialized for mechanical, civil and electrical installations of Solar Photovoltaic Systems as well as maintaining them properly and has the communication & soft skills.This is the residential program and it is free which includes boarding and lodging are sponsored by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (Govt. of India)
Seats: 30 seats for each batch.

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Solar Off Grid Entrepreneur

Solar off- grid entrepreneur is well acquainted with the central/state policies and different suppliers of Off Grid solar solutions like home lighting, lanterns, street lighting, small solar systems and pumps. He/she has the knowledge of standard installation and maintenance practices for different kinds of Off Grid solar solutions.

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Solar Domestic Water Heater Technician

Solar Domestic Water Heater Technician specializes in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Solar Water Heaters

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Solar Lighting Technician

A Solar lighting technician assembles, tests and repairs different types of solar photovoltaic (SPV) lamps adhering to basic electrical standards.

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